Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Treasures LOL!

One can never have too many treasures, the vintage style of days gone by just cant seem to be captured and the chain stores of today. I found many more treasures than this while I was out garage saling on Friday, these are some of my favorite finds this week!
I really love the pyrex bowl, I'm not sure of this design, I just know I like it! The kitty planter, angel vase, and green girl with dogs will all go into my "girlie" building. I love jadeite and it doesn't come along to often around here. The little chick is marked japan, the frog just caught my eye, I think the pink crown and bow is what grabbed me!
I also found some nice treasures for my daughters very first apt. we'll be moving her in next weekend. So I may be skipping the sales next weekend, ho hum......, summers not quite over yet though, stay tuned!

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