Sunday, February 24, 2008

~Sammy the Sailor~

I love anything vintage and have been a collector of old postcards through the years. The graphics from yesteryear are sweet and give me a sense of peace and comfort. Sammy was inspired from an old postcard of a sailor chick. He has been floating in my head for awhile now and this weekend was finally born. I hope you enjoy him and he can put a little smile on your face! Have a wonderful, safe week to all.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Weekly Offering

It was a long cold stormy weekend here in Northern Michigan. My daughter was home from college so there was a little more excitement around the house. Usually its just me and hubby. My son even came and spent one night! A mother sleeps well when her kids are tucked in safe and sound! I did manage to get this new Chickie make do made up for Ebay. I put him on this evening, the auction will run for seven days, ending next Monday.
I've been enjoying my Prisma Colored Pencils, I love shading! I even drew a little Chick tag to go with my item, I'm learning!
God Bless.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let me introduce..........

"Violet" She's my new bunny I've just listed on Ebay, the auction will run for seven days ending next Sunday Feb 17th. I've enjoyed working on Spring items, the seasons come and go so fast. We've been in the center of a snow storm today, school is closed tomorrow. I have no more children in school, but hubby works at the school, so we watch the closings closely. Please stop by ebay and take a closer look at "Violet".
Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here's Bethany...

It seems as though my first entry needed some tweeking! Here's Bethany Bunny and I need to mention she was made from a "Back Porch Pickens" Pattern! Thanks Tonya!

Giving it a try..............

Welcome! Well here I am in the Blog World! I am new to this, bare with me I'll try to keep this exciting and fresh!

My name is Marcy Kangas also known as "Raggedykinfolk" on Ebay! I've been creating handmades for about 12 years now. I started with local craft shows, and moved on to ebay several years ago.

My hobbies include, auction sales, garage sales, antiques, creating dolls, spending time with family and friends. And I love my pets!

My goal for 2008 is to offer a new item each week on ebay. I know that doesnt sound like much, but if I keep it simple I may actually be able to reach it! Bethany Bunny is my listing this week, shes a sweetie and I hate to say good-bye to her. Check back to see my next item!

Blessings and Love to All