Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vintage Snowmen Christmas Cards

I love vintage graphics, I recently purchased these vintage snowmen cards for projects I plan to make this Christmas. I've started a new Flickr account just for graphics! Go on in and help yourself to any of the images in there, I plan to add more soon!

Aren't they so cute, I just wish they made this cuteness today!
The bright colors, the cute faces, they sure make me feel happy!

This one was different, the sepia tones really make it special!

And this guy is really cute!

I love the little bird, and the snowman is just adorable. I could never see to much of this cuteness! Go on and check out the Fickr, grab an image and see what you come up with!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Freebies being offered!

I'm still cleaning out my closets! First come, first serve, you just pay the shipping.

Pumpkin wall hangings (spoken for)
Acorn bowl fillers (spoken for)
Pillow Annie. Still looking for a home :(
All of my freebies this week were made by me over the past few years, these are extras I've had packed away and I think its time to offer them up. Let me know if you would like anything! Also if you would, please sign up on my blog! Thanks Friends.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank You

Thanks to all who showed interest in my doll giveaway! I'm so happy to share them with you and am going to gather a few more very soon............keep your eyes open!!!!

I'm in the mood to downsize!

I've been cleaning out some things and would like to offer them to you FREE of charge! I do ask that you pay the shipping, if you would like any of the items below just email me at and the item is yours (or you can leave a comment here as sometimes emails end up in spam). I will figure shipping based on your address. And please check back, as time permits I'll be adding more freebies! All dolls have been spoken for, this was fun, please check back as I will be adding more soon!
#1 is an Americana Dude (this dude has been spoken for)!

#2 Primitive Bunny (Bunny has been spoken for)

#3 Valentine Girl (this girlie has been spoken for)

#4 Primitive Girl in Sage (This Girl has been spoken for)

I hope I have takers! Thanks for helping out my cleaning efforts