Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogland Block Party~so much fun!

I've recently had the honor of joining a block party hosted by a very talented artist and Blogger Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. I have never made a block before so I have to admit I was a bit nervous, but I couldn't help but join! Now I'm hooked and want to make many more of these fun little paper creations. Here are two I recently made, I've actually finished another today!

The one above is in honor of my Home State of Michigan. I grew up watching freighters from our cabin on Lake Huron. I've toured many local lighthouses and falls. And of course the beach is one of my favorite places to hang out! See the tiny pink sea shells, what an awesome garage sale find!

This little puppy block is definately me. I love pink, sparkly, vintage finds! I recommend giving this awesome craft a try. Just punch holes in the corners and hang with a ribbon or connect a bunch together for a wonderful garland. That is what dear Elizabeth will do with hers she recieves from all her blog friends. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful craft E!

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