Sunday, June 14, 2009

More treasures in my "Girlie Building"

Here are more pictures of stuff I've collected over the years. Most of the items are from garage sales, estate sales, some gifts, some childhood belongings! No matter where they are from I treasure them all and am glad to share them with you.

A little purse hangs on the wall with a beaded necklace and floral hankie tucked inside.

One shelf of my treasure cabinet holds milk glass vases with vintage beads hanging out, a vintage brush and mirror set, and vintage avon bottles. Topaz is my birthstone!

My sweet daughter surprised me this week with this Holt Howard set of Cat Shakers. I came home from work and she had been at a sale with grandma and grandpa and had thought of me! I've had my eye on this set for awhile so they were a pleasant surprise!My doggie picture. He's such a dapper fellow! I found this chalk drawing at a sale and fell in love with it. The really cool part is it is signed by the artist "Marcy 74" , the exact way I spell my name, often Marcy ends with an i or ie. I knew it was for me!

A little boy planter, he had such a sweet face and such soft colors I couldn't resit! That is all for now but there is so much more that I have to share, please keep checking back!


creative breathing said...

Hello Marcy! Your girlie building is such a delight! Oh those pine walls, I have such a fondness for them. Such treasures. Thank you so very much for your comments on my stories. I love to tell them. I love even more when people share their own. It is so nice to meet you. Have a lovely week! Elizabeth

creative breathing said...

Oh NO! I'm back! I caught out of the corner of my eye Upper Penninsula which I mistook for Pennsylvania, your trip. EEEK! Oh, will I have a post for you in the next few days! I am beyond excited to discover you are from there. Elizabeth

Raggedykinfolk said...

I'm so excited to see you here Elizabeth. I look forward to your story, I'll be here waiting anxiously! Thanks for stopping by and seeing a little glimpse of my life. Marcy

Kady said...

What a sweet place to have as your own little retreat and sanctuary. Love all your girlie accessories. Thanks for sharing!........Kady

Raggedykinfolk said...

Thanks Kady,
I'm happy to share, keep checking back I'll be adding lots more pictures in the weeks to come.